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Justice Institute Offers CP Program course in Fall 2007

The Certified Professional Course covers detailed applications of Divisions A, B and C of the 2006 BC Building Code plus the 2007 Vancouver By-law, and requirements to operate as a Certified Professional in the Cities of Vancouver, Surrey and other participating municipalities.

There are two options for attending this course:

  • building code part of the course only (19 sessions) or
  • full Certified Professional course (26 sessions)

Those wishing to practice as a Certified Professional must achieve a passing grade in the complete course and be registered professionals as defined in the BC Building Code (proof of pre-requisite qualification as either a registered Artchitect or Engineer required).

Classes are scheduled from 2 to 6 in the afternoon on Thursdays and alternate Tuesdays with a short break during the Christmas holidays. Except for site visits, all classes will be held at the Justice Institute of BC New Westminster Campus at 715 McBride Blvd.

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